Are you traveling more than staying at home? For many business travellers, this is their everyday reality. They live and work in hotels all over the world. Therefore, it is even more important for them to be able to feel at home at the hotel – all the more reason why it is so important for the top convention hotels to stand out above the rest in terms of service and amenities. The five points to pay especial attention to in order to bring your hotel up to the level of convention superhost are listed in this blog.

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© Jacob Lund /

Key to success for competitive offering

More is more? In respect to top convention hotels, this is most certainly the case. The basic bed and breakfast programme is not enough to convince business travellers. Rather, you need to offer your guests little extra services during their stay, letting them know you value their comfort and satisfaction. What this entails is outlined in the following five points:

1. Comprehensive implementation of hardware and software

Can you guess what a convention guest will want the most out of in his or her stay at your convention hotel? It’s power outlets, of course! A recent study by the Fraunhofer IAO Institute found that 90 percent of those surveyed rate having plenty of power outlets as the most important facture in hotel and conference rooms. So if you want to belong to the top convention hotels, do not be sparing when it comes to outfitting your rooms with power outlets. After all, convention guests, in particular, usually have more than one electronic device with them and must use them all day.

Do not be sparing when it comes to outfitting your rooms with power outlets.

The institute also found that business travellers and conference attendees highly value free and fast internet. This means that Wi-Fi should not only be available in the conference rooms, but also in every part of the hotel. Along with good quality Wi-Fi reception, both of these key factors guarantee utmost productivity at conferences. They are therefore essential if you want to belong to the category of top convention hotels. Furthermore, you should ensure that your guests have access to all the hardware they need, such as printers or scanners.

2. Open workspaces

The days of the typical 9-5 job are in most sectors gone. Particularly business travellers find it hard to adhere to a fixed work schedule. Often, the most important conversations take place after work in casual social gatherings. For this reason, the top convention hotels today place especial emphasis on open workspaces in their lobbies. Akin to the concept of coworking, these hotels provide so-called public spaces which allow for productive work sessions as well as relaxation.

Place especial emphasis on open workspaces in your hotel lobby.

These spaces can be used as a workspace, for open meetings and talks, as a place to unwind, or as a cafe, allowing top convention hotels to provide an atmosphere allowing business travellers to freely switch between work and leisure. This is conducive to the creative exchange of ideas as well as a relaxed work environment and enabling open dialog. The lobby as coworking space – an important selection criterion for convention guests and a determining factor for being a top convention hotel.

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© Sompetch Khanakornpratip /

3. Spacious and functional rooms

Speaking of work-life balance, this is especially valued by convention guests, who travel a lot. While other employees are spending the evening with friends and family, business travellers often go without this luxury. Instead, they find themselves on the road much of the time. This is why many of business travellers use their hotel rooms after work to attend unfinished business or to communicate with their families, for instance, by using video telephony. In both cases, high-performance Wi-Fi is essential. Equally important is equipping spacious rooms with a functional work station and a comfortable chair. Additional extras can make the guest’s stay even more comfortable, such as a water cooker or a coffee machine in the room so that guests may take coffee or tea any time of the day. This is a relatively small effort top convention hotels make to achieve maximum benefits. Cleanliness and a quiet atmosphere should of course be the obvious standard.

4. Sophisticated conference rooms

Especially important for your convention guests are the features and the design of the conference rooms. Business travellers spend most of the day in these rooms. They hold meetings and seminars, give talks or may use conference rooms for brainstorming sessions. Without a doubt, these spaces must provide your guests with state-of-the-art technology. After all, conferences up to individual standards for efficient and productive work environments are only possible when the technology likewise meets your guests’ demands. In other words, digital meeting room technology is a must-have for any top convention hotel.

You will be on the safe side by using modern, fast and dynamic systems, since all top convention hotels have one thing in common: they provide smart technology. Concretely, this means a perfect conference room for conventions, seminars and workshops should make comprehensive up-to-date technology accessible. Interactive monitors, a good internet Wi-Fi connection, an easy networking of mobile devices play an essential part. Along these lines, ensure that your conference rooms offer user-friendly media features and provide support to all users in order to make their experience more productive. To do this, it is best to implement technology that integrates all technical devices and moderation tools onto a single platform. Top convention hotels like to provide their convention guests with a unified tool that integrates projectors, TVs, screens, and speakers for instance. And an additional plus is that compatibility problems will now be a thing of the past.

Conference rooms must provide your guests with state-of-the-art technology.

Aside from emails, video conferences and live chats, face-to-face communication remains top priority. Your conference room design and installation should thus foster the seamless exchange and interactive collaboration of all participants, providing convention guests with optimal exchange of ideas and collaborative workflows. Furthermore, it should enable a comfortable work environment, thus making productivity with modern technologies another key success factor for any top convention hotel.

5. Appropriate standards that work well

Sufficient parking spaces near the hotel, flexible breakfast schedules, and easy check-in and check-out times should likewise be a top priority for any top convention hotel. Particularly business travellers tend to arrive outside of normal check-in times and leave the hotel later than usual. Therefore, in terms of check-in and check-out times, (and for daily booking and payment activities), using cloud-based business administration software can be advantageous.

Cloud services represent a cost transparent and effective means to store digital data.

Cloud-based business administration software offers unlimited data storage space and enables users to scale to business needs, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware. In addition, some providers provide flexible fee structures, allowing users to only pay for what they will actually use. The cloud thereby represents a cost transparent and effective means to store digital data. In addition, cloud solutions meet the highest data security standards, a particular advantage for top convention hotels handling sensitive guest data on a daily basis.

Technical equipment is therefore of utmost importance in securing one’s ranking in the top convention hotels. With up-to-date and fully functional technology, your guests are guaranteed to be happy – and will be more likely to recommend your hotels to others.