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How conference hotels optimise their conference room technology – for more sustainability and cost savings

A good conference room provides the basis for a successful business. This is especially true for conference hotels, since guests’ preferences and requirements can only be met when the space is designed for multiple uses and has state-of-the-art conference room technology, the latter of which is key for sustainable energy and cost management. Read more in this blog about what is required by conferencing technology and how it can be optimised easily.

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Outdated tech costs energy and money

Overall, the older the conference room technology, the more expensive it is. This is because outdated systems consume more energy, driving up the electric bill. Take projectors, for example. They require a powerful light source to be able to project images onto a wall or a screen. The lamps customarily used generally consume approx. 200 to 300 watts. Compared to other electronic devices, such as notebooks or tables, this amounts to significant energy consumption. Add to this any devices connected to the projector. In a word, the energy consumption is anything but sustainable or cost-efficient.

The older the conference room technology, the more expensive it is.

In order to avoid costly power consumption, it makes sense to use technology that integrates all devices onto a single platform. For instance, offer your conference guests a device that connects to the projector, screen and speakers on a single platform. This enables your users to work efficiently. Another benefit is that you can do without paper entirely, which is an extra bonus for environmental friendliness and sustainability. In the long run, you will be on the safe side, as we are without a doubt headed toward paperless working environments.

This is true for conference hotels and guests. Overall, it is advisable to build your conference room technology based on a comprehensive package.

Captivating, multifunctional conference room technology

Certainly you have had varying day-to-day experiences at your conference hotel, as not all conference guests are alike and not every group has the same conference requirements. In addition, not every guest requires the same technology. For this reason, you should be sure to include all meeting profiles into your conference technology. Whether for presentations, multimedia sessions, brainstorming or interactive group work – your task is to provide a technology that meets all demands for any group profile. This brings us back to the topic of energy efficiency and sustainability, for any time you ratchet up the technology, the more power you will consume, increasing your energy costs.

Be sure to include all meeting profiles into your conference technology.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Using an all-in-one conference room solution, which integrates all energy-saving technical devices and moderation tools, will help you accomplish your goals of sustainability and cost efficiency. Furthermore, your guests will be connected onto the same platform and are free to choose which technology or tool they want to use, saving time and allowing for a more productive working environment.

The meeting experience – the right conference room technology can make it happen

Integrating audio-visual media and network technologies is the right decision for meetings and conventions. But the best images do not mean anything if the technology doesn’t work. For efficient meetings and satisfied conference guests, it is therefore imperative that the systems you provide function without a hitch.

Use a flexible all-in-one solution to allow all participants seamless connectivity.

In addition, like outdated conference room technology, classroom-like row seating is out. Today’s conference guests are active participants. They want to use their smart phones, tables and netbooks to take part in meetings. This is why when designing your conference room you should pay especial attention to facilitating network-like interactivity and communication exchange.

The more devices you use, the more important the issue of energy management and sustainability becomes. Here too it is recommendable to use a flexible all-in-one solution to allow all participants seamless connectivity from their mobile device and at the same time lower energy consumption.

Reduce cable clutter and benefit from wireless technologies

Speaking of seamless connectivity, use cable-free technologies when engineering your conference room. This allows for the system you provide to be used in a dynamic fashion and increased overall adoptability. In addition, wireless technologies permit more flexible meeting arrangements, since participants are no longer bound to a particular workstation. Therefore, you should design your conference room technology to be strategic and to promote an efficient working environment. The conference room and audio-visual media should absolutely be compatible with one another. After all, they both go hand in hand, the former playing a key role in supporting the effectiveness of the conferencing technology you have installed.

Make sure that conference room and audio-visual media are compatible with one another.

This starts with simple things such as image and sound quality, as a conference room differs greatly from a typical office workstation. The larger your meeting space is, the more important your acoustic design will become. In other words, the sound playback is only as good as the room permits.

The same is true for the image quality of your display and monitors. This is only as good as the light quality in the room allows. Therefore, it is of utmost important to pay attention to arranging your conference room technology in such a way as it lends to optimal images and good sound quality. After all, room acoustics, aesthetics and signal transmission all play an important role in setting up an efficient working environment.

Do something good...

... and spread the word. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been at the top of the agenda now for years. Again, modern all-in-one conference room technology allows you to save energy and conserve resources. Setting up this sort of digital system represents an effective paperless solution – and of course, a digital, paperless working environment means less analogue resource consumption. In terms of environmental friendliness and CSR, this can be a decisive factor in promoting the sustainability of your conference room technology.