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Customer retention in the hotel industry

Do you know who is particularly popular in the hotel industry? It’s the usual suspects, so to speak, in the most positive sense of course. Those are the guests that keep coming back to the hotel. However, encouraging guests to keep coming back can be difficult, but not impossible as long as you take the most important tips for customer retention to heart. Find out more about how to achieve customer retention in the hotel industry in this magazine.

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No work no win

One thing is indisputable in the hotel industry: you must invest to retain your hotel guests long-term. Guests usually don’t just come back on their own. Retaining your customers requires work, diligence and consistent improvements, the latter of which is particularly important for keeping up with constantly changing market and customer demands. Remaining static is therefore an absolute no-no for any hotel owner who wishes to retain guests long-term.

For customer retention, it is important to know your target group and its needs.

Concretely, this means that to achieve customer retention, you must be aware of two things: customer behaviour and influencers on that behaviour. Take, for example, business travellers. If this type of guest is among your target group, you should ask yourself what they really need and want. A direct airport or train station connection? Easy travel arrangements to get to their local appointments? Free Wi-Fi? Modern conferencing technology? The answer to all these questions is guaranteed to be “yes.” As a hotel owner, this means that an all-encompassing knowledge of your target group is essential in determining whether or not you can retain these guests long-term at your hotel.

Customer data can be effectively used for customer retention in the hotel industry

It is obvious that your customers will not divulge what they want from their stay without being asked. For this reason, it is advisable to capture customer data on your end. Ask your guests for feedback after they have stayed in your hotel, preferably through an app or by email. Evaluate their answers in detail. You are on the right track if you use digital technologies for such data capturing. A short survey, which can be quickly sent to your clients’ smartphones, is certainly more likely to be filled out than a paper-based questionnaire, which simply gets lost in the bottom of your guests travel bag once they leave.

A customer card is a brilliant way to get data from your customer.

Speaking of digital data – a brilliant way to retain hotel guests is the customer card. It is like a debit or credit card and fits perfectly in your guest’s wallet. It comes in handy at each hotel stay. The most important guest data is stored on this card and can be easily captured each time your guest uses it. The customer card is undoubtedly the most common method used for retaining customers in the hotel industry. But beware! The card is, of itself, not the only thing you will need to be able to achieve customer retention. You will also need to know how to use it.

The customer card as a direct marketing tool

If you offer your guests a customer card, both you and your guests will benefit from faster routine procedures, such as check-in, booking, room reservations, and check-outs. Payments are also made a lot easier by using a customer card. All important data like customer name, billing address, and preferred payment method are stored on the card. This will save you time-consuming data entry.

However, this is just one side of the coin. The other personal advantage for retaining hotel guests is in the data stored on the customer card; and this data provides an excellent tool for direct marketing. The data can reveal, for instance, when your guest has a birthday. So why not send a personal greeting on his or her birthday? Or why not send your customer a personal letter presenting a special offer to celebrate? A perfect way to retain clients in the industry!

Offering promotions or sending personal messages can be a good way to retain clients.

By offering these kinds of promotions, you leave your guests with the feeling that they are special. The customer card underscores this feeling by suggesting to your guests that they belong to a special select circle of people who may take advantage of exclusive offers, a decisive factor for customer retention in the hotel industry. As a conclusion, this is why you should combine the customer card with clearly defined advantages. Whether these are extra wellness offerings, a special dinner or even a cultural event followed by an opportunity to network – exclusive event package options are nearly endless. In conclusion, the more creative the promotion, the better. Your guests will love it.

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© Olena Yakobchuk / shutterstock.com

From hunters and gatherers

People love to collect things, that is for certain. For example, the Neanderthals of yore collected berries, now we collect bonus points by booking hotel stays. This is a fact that proves quite useful for customer retention in the hotel industry. Therefore, develop special loyalty programmes that let your customers collect goodies and bonus points. By doing this, you will be sure to tap into their enthusiasm for collecting things. Furthermore, it is important to note that the advantages should be immediately apparent. This is the only way to truly attract customers’ attention.

Loyalty programs and an excellent customer service will satisfy your guests.

While big name hotels invest in partnerships with large auto companies, airlines or booking portals, smaller hotel businesses concentrate more on soft skills when it comes to customer retention. Small hotels give each guest the feeling that they are special by treating them well and providing them a welcoming atmosphere. Both approaches convey the intent of giving the customer something extra, an added value, that provides a win-win-scenario for everyone involved. In the long run, this approach will bring more bookings by loyal customers to your hotel. And the guests will enjoy a wonderful stay.

The overall plan is essential for customer retention

The best ideas are of little use when the overall business plan does not work. Therefore it is of utmost importance to develop a strategy and consistently implement it, if you want to retain customers in the hotel industry. And never lose sight of the competition. To attract returning guests, you must differentiate yourself in the market and offer more than the rest. Now we come full circle: customer retention in the hotel industry only works on a foundation of constant development and improvement.

Stay tuned, because your competition does not sleep!

Customer retention in the hotel industry does not just start during a guest’s stay, but before and afterward. Your guests should always have the feeling that you are taking their preferences to heart.

For this reason, is highly recommended to not overlook the hotel website as a business channel. Your portal plays an important role in customer retention. However, you can use your website to draw attention to amazing offers and communicate the advantages for loyal customers. If you follow these tips, nothing will stand in the way of long-term hotel guest retention.

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Summer slump at your conference hotel? 4 business tips for attracting more guests this summer

Summer, sun and weekends at the sea – but where are the convention goers who stay at your conference hotel? This is the unfortunate reality during the warm months at many conference hotels. However, the summer slump doesn’t have to become a recurring event. Read about the best business practices for keeping the summer slump at bay at your hotel this year in this blog.

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Individuality will leave the right impression

When it comes to winning convention guests for your hotel, guests who have already stayed overnight are your best bet. If they were happy with the service and the conference room amenities, they will very likely book again. For this reason, you should be sure to leave a lasting impression with a unique and personalized attention to your guests.

A lasting impression is the key to future bookings.

You will be certain to automatically gain loyal customers by offering a warm welcome with special touches. Always bear this in mind, along with the following four business tips we have for you.

1. Acquire advanced bookings in good time

Generating advanced bookings should be of utmost priority. Timing is the decisive factor. If you wait until the summer slump has already begun to acquire new guests, it is already too late. Ideally, you will prevent a lull in reservations by starting to strategize on how to attract guests whilst you are still in the peak season. Seek out guests in advance, in the spring at the latest, by drawing their attention to special summer offers. This will help you ensure that your rooms are fully booked well into the summer.

2. Attract guests with special offers

If you want to prevent the summer slump, you will definitely have to use special offers to attract convention guests in the warmer months – and it has to be more than just putting chocolates on the pillow. Instead, apply this business strategy: special seasonal offers. This means thinking about what your guests will really enjoy in the summer months. Because these guests will still be working whilst their friends and colleagues are lazing about on the beach and sunning themselves.

Attract convention guests with special seasonal offers.

For this second business tip, it is necessary to know your target group very well. This is the only way you can provide the best offers. Think about what your business travellers will appreciate the most before, during and after work. This could include a free upgrade to higher-grade accommodations (think work-life-balance and restful sleep), or perhaps a free breakfast, the latter of which can be a great start to a productive day.
Another possibility is a wellness discount. A massage or some downtime in the whirlpool is always a welcome respite for guests after a stressful work day.

Fight the summer slump by expanding your target group

Related to these hotel business tips, you should always be thinking about your target group and broadening it when necessary. For instance, most business travellers take at least a couple of days off during the summer. So why not broaden the target group to prevent the summer slump by attracting other sorts of guests who may make good use of the services at your conference hotel?

Schools and universities are in recess in summer, so sports clubs can be a new target group.

Take, for instance, sports clubs. Amateur as well as professional athletes are always seeking apprenticeships, seminars and training courses as well as the corresponding facilities for these events to take place. Such events often take place in the summer, since schools and universities are in recess at that time. Clubs are often happy to be active outside of their usual training facilities. If your hotel can offer the right service at the right time, you are guaranteed to be following the right business strategy. And especially in the case of training courses emphasising knowledge transfer, high-end conference room technology can score your hotel extra points.

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© Halfpoint / shutterstock.com

3. Attract attention with new media

However, even the best business tips are for naught when nobody finds out about your special offers. This is why it is absolutely essential to adjust your marketing strategy. Position your summer offers as a splash page on your website and print flyers to give to your (potential) guests.

This way, your visitors will come away with something in their hand to remind them of their stay. In addition, it can be helpful to communicate to the press and (social) media channels the availability of your conference rooms for booking even in the summer months. This is how you can expand your reach, attracting guests even from outside of the local area.

4. Attract guests with soft skills

What you should certainly be aware concerning all these hotel business tips is the fact that today’s guests are typically more critical, better informed, and more price conscious. The internet houses unlimited rating forums which enable guests to compare hotels and be fully informed about all the offers out there. This can be a challenge for hotel managers, but it mustn’t be! Since the right business strategy enables you to capture even the most critical guests. The secret to success lies in soft skills.

Provide maximum service in order to make your guests feel special and important.

What are soft skills? They are the essential ingredient to executing the right business strategies for your hotel. Basic humanity, authenticity and courteousness are the bare minimum for your guests’ comfort at your hotel. And especially in terms of maintaining occupancy in the summer months, friendly conversation and exclusive treatment are an absolute must. This way, you will give each guest the feeling that they are special, and they will most certainly book again at your hotel.

The important thing is to keep your promises – and this goes for all the hotel business tips we provided here. Only by keeping your promises can you guarantee a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

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How conference hotels can increase occupancy on weekends

Convention hotels thrive on business travellers. However, they are usually travelling during the week and stay at home on the weekends. What is quite normal but can become a challenge for hotels with conference rooms. This is because without business travellers, conference rooms are empty on the weekends and hotel room occupancy decreases. But this does not need to be the case. We can show you four simple tricks to fill your convention hotel, even on weekends.

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80 Percent target

Full occupancy at your convention hotel can be easily measured in terms of days, weeks, or long-term seasonal stays, such as winter versus summer stays. According to studies, the target occupancy rate for most hotel owners is somewhere between 70 and 80 percent. Fluctuations within that range are quite normal, but a low occupancy rate should never become the standard. Particularly hotel managers should ensure that the room occupancy rate remains relatively stable.

There are many ways to increase your occupancy on Saturdays and Sundays.

When “normal” hotels do most of their business between Fridays and Monday and struggle with a low occupancy rate during the week, convention hotels have the opposite problem. The latter’s occupancy rate is lower on the weekends, and their meeting rooms often remain empty on Saturdays and Sundays. This does not have to be the norm, however. The following tips can help you increase the use of your conference rooms even on weekends:

1. Expand your target group

Are your typical guests business travellers? If so, you already have laid a good foundation, since this target group is perfectly suited to hotels with conference rooms. If your conference room has good conferencing technology, and well-equipped meeting spaces, you most certainly have excellent occupancy during the week. But what do you do on the weekends when fewer meetings or conferences take place? The solution is to expand your target group to include two more segments.

Take, for example, sports clubs. In amateur as well as professional sports, seminars, trainings, continuing education workshops, and annual conventions are often held. If you don’t have your sports club venue fully technological equipped, they will book elsewhere. Well and good if your hotel can wait for another opportunity to come along. For example, apprenticeships place a heavy emphasis on knowledge sharing, requiring start-of-the-art technological features at their events. In the apprenticeship arena, target groups can be broadened further to include hunting clubs, dog and horse breeders, for example.

Add clubs to your target group.

Important in any case is to adjust your marketing strategy. After all, if you do not speak to your new target groups, you may not be able to increase hotel occupancy or conference room use. Take advantage of the press, (social) media, and your home page to draw people to book your conference and hotel rooms over the weekend. Especially, when apprentices are coming from afar, you can kill two birds with one stone by booking both your conference room and your hotel rooms.

2. Build partnerships in the region

In your geographic area, are there businesses who have offices dispersed throughout the region? Then you should communicate your services to those businesses, since they will in time want to bring employees from other offices, or perhaps their business partners from other regions, to your hotel. All the better if your hotel and conference room is the first choice for those sorts of guests. Especially when they have made a long trip, you can score extra points by offering special discounted rates for Sunday night stays. This will certainly encourage some convention guests to stay an extra night, increasing your weekend occupancy rate.

Promote weekend packages and offer discounts for local business offices.

3. Make discount and package offers

Speaking of special offerings: Use discounts and package deals to ensure that your hotel and conference rooms are well booked over weekends. You can offer your guests something that they may not be able to find elsewhere, that is, what the competition does not offer. Special discount prices for using conference rooms or discounted rooms for convention guests who stay over the weekend are a great opportunity to book your rooms on Saturdays and Sundays too.

4. Keep your technology up-to-date

In today’s digital age, it is increasingly important to attract convention guests and business travellers with outstanding technology. Particularly in the case of hotels with conference rooms, it is extremely important to keep the technology up-to-date. There is nothing more annoying and intimidating for guests than non-working or slow technology. And, as you know, good news spreads fast. Concretely, this means that the better your conference room technology is, the sooner your guests will spread the word to other guests, increasing the likelihood that you can offer your convention guests a service beyond the work week – which brings us back to the previous point: expanding the target group.

conference hotel occupancy © Cressida studio / shutterstock.com
conference hotel occupancy © Cressida studio / shutterstock.com

But what does state-of-the-art technology really mean? Basically, it is a simple concept. Invest in an all-in-one solution to integrate all required technical devices, such as projectors, monitors, and speakers into a single platform. Furthermore, your guests will only have to connect using one system, then choose which technology and tools they need when. This saves users time and increases productivity.

Modern conference room technology will increase your weekend occupancy.

Directly related to full hotel occupancy is the subject of time-savings. Especially guests who attend weekend seminars do not want to feel like they are wasting their time. They value optimum productivity, which therefore makes them dependent on you and the technological equipment your conference rooms offer. Ensure that all hardware and software can be easily accessed by your guests. This will save them quite a bit of valuable time and prevents the frustration which can otherwise arise due to technology mishaps. Functioning and accessible conference room technology is also extremely crucial in order to guarantee your guests a spectacular meeting experience. It also guarantees that you guests will recommend your hotel and conference rooms to others. And this, in turn, will increase your weekend occupancy.

Modern and user-friendly technology and attractive discount options for different target groups are key to improving your occupancy on weekends. And – very important – communicate your achievements. When you do this, more is actually more. The greater the number of people that know about your services, the more your bookings turn out to be in the long run.

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Spring cleaning – how to become one of the top convention hotels

Are you traveling more than staying at home? For many business travellers, this is their everyday reality. They live and work in hotels all over the world. Therefore, it is even more important for them to be able to feel at home at the hotel – all the more reason why it is so important for the top convention hotels to stand out above the rest in terms of service and amenities. The five points to pay especial attention to in order to bring your hotel up to the level of convention superhost are listed in this blog.

© Jacob Lund /shutterstock.com
© Jacob Lund /shutterstock.com

Key to success for competitive offering

More is more? In respect to top convention hotels, this is most certainly the case. The basic bed and breakfast programme is not enough to convince business travellers. Rather, you need to offer your guests little extra services during their stay, letting them know you value their comfort and satisfaction. What this entails is outlined in the following five points:

1. Comprehensive implementation of hardware and software

Can you guess what a convention guest will want the most out of in his or her stay at your convention hotel? It’s power outlets, of course! A recent study by the Fraunhofer IAO Institute found that 90 percent of those surveyed rate having plenty of power outlets as the most important facture in hotel and conference rooms. So if you want to belong to the top convention hotels, do not be sparing when it comes to outfitting your rooms with power outlets. After all, convention guests, in particular, usually have more than one electronic device with them and must use them all day.

Do not be sparing when it comes to outfitting your rooms with power outlets.

The institute also found that business travellers and conference attendees highly value free and fast internet. This means that Wi-Fi should not only be available in the conference rooms, but also in every part of the hotel. Along with good quality Wi-Fi reception, both of these key factors guarantee utmost productivity at conferences. They are therefore essential if you want to belong to the category of top convention hotels. Furthermore, you should ensure that your guests have access to all the hardware they need, such as printers or scanners.

2. Open workspaces

The days of the typical 9-5 job are in most sectors gone. Particularly business travellers find it hard to adhere to a fixed work schedule. Often, the most important conversations take place after work in casual social gatherings. For this reason, the top convention hotels today place especial emphasis on open workspaces in their lobbies. Akin to the concept of coworking, these hotels provide so-called public spaces which allow for productive work sessions as well as relaxation.

Place especial emphasis on open workspaces in your hotel lobby.

These spaces can be used as a workspace, for open meetings and talks, as a place to unwind, or as a cafe, allowing top convention hotels to provide an atmosphere allowing business travellers to freely switch between work and leisure. This is conducive to the creative exchange of ideas as well as a relaxed work environment and enabling open dialog. The lobby as coworking space – an important selection criterion for convention guests and a determining factor for being a top convention hotel.

Hotelzimmer © Sompetch Khanakornpratip/shutterstock.com
© Sompetch Khanakornpratip /shutterstock.com

3. Spacious and functional rooms

Speaking of work-life balance, this is especially valued by convention guests, who travel a lot. While other employees are spending the evening with friends and family, business travellers often go without this luxury. Instead, they find themselves on the road much of the time. This is why many of business travellers use their hotel rooms after work to attend unfinished business or to communicate with their families, for instance, by using video telephony. In both cases, high-performance Wi-Fi is essential. Equally important is equipping spacious rooms with a functional work station and a comfortable chair. Additional extras can make the guest’s stay even more comfortable, such as a water cooker or a coffee machine in the room so that guests may take coffee or tea any time of the day. This is a relatively small effort top convention hotels make to achieve maximum benefits. Cleanliness and a quiet atmosphere should of course be the obvious standard.

4. Sophisticated conference rooms

Especially important for your convention guests are the features and the design of the conference rooms. Business travellers spend most of the day in these rooms. They hold meetings and seminars, give talks or may use conference rooms for brainstorming sessions. Without a doubt, these spaces must provide your guests with state-of-the-art technology. After all, conferences up to individual standards for efficient and productive work environments are only possible when the technology likewise meets your guests’ demands. In other words, digital meeting room technology is a must-have for any top convention hotel.

You will be on the safe side by using modern, fast and dynamic systems, since all top convention hotels have one thing in common: they provide smart technology. Concretely, this means a perfect conference room for conventions, seminars and workshops should make comprehensive up-to-date technology accessible. Interactive monitors, a good internet Wi-Fi connection, an easy networking of mobile devices play an essential part. Along these lines, ensure that your conference rooms offer user-friendly media features and provide support to all users in order to make their experience more productive. To do this, it is best to implement technology that integrates all technical devices and moderation tools onto a single platform. Top convention hotels like to provide their convention guests with a unified tool that integrates projectors, TVs, screens, and speakers for instance. And an additional plus is that compatibility problems will now be a thing of the past.

Conference rooms must provide your guests with state-of-the-art technology.

Aside from emails, video conferences and live chats, face-to-face communication remains top priority. Your conference room design and installation should thus foster the seamless exchange and interactive collaboration of all participants, providing convention guests with optimal exchange of ideas and collaborative workflows. Furthermore, it should enable a comfortable work environment, thus making productivity with modern technologies another key success factor for any top convention hotel.

5. Appropriate standards that work well

Sufficient parking spaces near the hotel, flexible breakfast schedules, and easy check-in and check-out times should likewise be a top priority for any top convention hotel. Particularly business travellers tend to arrive outside of normal check-in times and leave the hotel later than usual. Therefore, in terms of check-in and check-out times, (and for daily booking and payment activities), using cloud-based business administration software can be advantageous.

Cloud services represent a cost transparent and effective means to store digital data.

Cloud-based business administration software offers unlimited data storage space and enables users to scale to business needs, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware. In addition, some providers provide flexible fee structures, allowing users to only pay for what they will actually use. The cloud thereby represents a cost transparent and effective means to store digital data. In addition, cloud solutions meet the highest data security standards, a particular advantage for top convention hotels handling sensitive guest data on a daily basis.

Technical equipment is therefore of utmost importance in securing one’s ranking in the top convention hotels. With up-to-date and fully functional technology, your guests are guaranteed to be happy – and will be more likely to recommend your hotels to others.

5 tips for successful Hotel Marketing

To sell people on an idea, you first need to speak their language. Philip Kotler, the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, is widely regarded as the father of modern marketing. Kotler developed the Four P’s of marketing in his seminal 1969 book Marketing Management: product, price, place and promotion. Basically, it is the Marketing Mix: only those who know their target group well can address their needs. This also applies to the hotel industry and hotel marketing. The following five tips illustrate what you can do to improve your hotel marketing and attract more guests.

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1. Use personalised marketing

Digitalisation and globalisation are not only accelerating life, but also act as an equalising force. People can measure up to each other using likes, shares and tweets, and thus individuality is evermore paramount. Due to the sheer volume of information that people are exposed to on a daily basis, individuality has become the most cogent form of self-differentiation. Therein lies hotel marketing’s great potential.

The days of the average guest are gone

What guests really want is a personalised stay. They want offerings that are customised to individual expectations and preferences. Personalisation is also the magic word for your hotel marketing strategy. Therefore, you should first undertake a detailed and comprehensive data collection and analytical process. Use the information you collect from your website traffic, capture in your booking system, and generate from online travel agencies. Process your guests‘ personalised data such as age, gender, origin and reason for travel. Based on this information, you can find out more about your guests‘ behaviour and what the guests want. You will obtain an effective guest profile that substantially supports your hotel marketing.

Individuality is also the magic word when it comes to hotel marketing tailored to the preferences of your guests.

Business travellers in particular are quite busy and apart from their work spaces, they also need a place to retreat – think work-life balance. The greatest opportunity for conference hotels lies in the wellness factor. Hence, along with designing the rooms to be a retreat, special attention should also be paid to how the conference rooms are designed. Use variable lighting and spatial layout to provide your guests with a relaxed and productive work environment, in addition to digital meeting technologies. While all these things are important for keeping your guests happy, using up-to-date technologies that meet your guests needs is the key element in personalising your guests’ meeting experiences. This in turn facilitates productivity assisted by fast and flexible technological solutions. More tips for designing your meeting spaces can be found here.

2. Maintain your online profile

Think online travel agency. Here is where many travellers come to look for information about hotels. They look at the pictures, compare prices and read the reviews. Particularly the latter provides the foundation on which you can build your hotel marketing campaigns. Show that your hotel is active and that you are reading your guests’ reviews. Also react to negative comments. A professional response to criticism will make a good impression and will show that you have an open ear and take seriously your guests‘ concerns, as you are also willing to improve.

This is why your guests’ opinions are worth gold

According to the results of a survey by Tripadvisor, 81 percent of those surveyed were impressed whenever a hotel responded to guests’ comments in reviews in a professional manner. So take the time to maintain your online profile on third-party platforms. This will play well in your hotel marketing strategy.

3. Use the power of social media

How many people would you guess use Facebook? More than two billion. So many people interact with this social media network every day. They are watching videos, reading posts --and ads. And you should make use of this in your hotel marketing. Post ads in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. Use the power of social media and increase your reach.

Let others speak for you

Another opportunity to use social media for your hotel marketing is through the power of so-called influencers. Travel bloggers in particular have hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. Make your hotel attractive for influencers by having selfie-friendly corners in your hotel and comfortable lobbies and rooms. Let the reach of your guests’ posts work for you.

4. Successful hotel marketing with a digital strategy

Digitalisation has arrived to the hotel industry. Great, responsive websites, search-engine optimised text or calls-to-action should therefore be the tools commonly used in your hotel marketing. Your website is especially important here. Along with photos and reviews on booking portals, your website is often one of the first things your potential guests will see about your hotel. As with anything else in life, the same adage applies: the first impression counts. Score points with easy navigation, short loading times, and responsive device-independent designs, calls-to-action draw the user’s attention to your site and enable easy booking – also an added advantage for you.

Good content wins

Before guests book your hotel, they usually look up information about the hotel’s surroundings, about sights to see in the area, etc. Therefore, putting useful tips on your website can be extremely helpful. This is why you should use search machine-optimised content on your website or manage your own blog, which in turn raises your website to the top of search queries, a boon for hotel marketing purposes. Studies have shown a 33 -percent probability that users will click on top search results. Search results below that will only be clicked on 17 percent of the time, or less the more you scroll down the results. Search engine optimisation is therefore the secret to successful hotel marketing.

A convincing big picture

Visual content is likewise an incredible hotel marketing tool. Add short videos to show potential guests tips about nearby sights, for instance. It has been proven that videos receive more clicks than pure text, and video content is also a more memorable way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

5. Do not forget your mobile device users

More than half of all smart phone users book hotels from their cell phones. Your hotel marketing strategy should take this fact into consideration. Thus mobile-friendly website design is a must. Use clear and navigable design that provides your clients with a simple fast, and clear booking portal from their mobile devices. This will guarantee client satisfaction from the moment of booking. And, as you know, good news spreads. A call-to-action for hotel reviews is therefore a great tool you should be using to garner long-term success in your hotel marketing strategy.