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Improve your conference room furnishing – 5 things you probably overlooked

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. There is no question that it should be used wisely. Good use of time results in productivity and satisfaction. On the contrary, wasting time means discontentment and lack of productivity. This applies even more to your work life than your private life, and this is where efficient meetings increase productivity, leading to better decision-making. Conference room amenities play an important role here. In this blog, you will fine five things that you should definitely keep in mind.

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The conference room is essential

Executives spend 33 percent of their work hours in meetings, 67 percent of which they find wholly unproductive.

These were the findings by a recent study by Lindberg International, where the market research institute surveyed 500 presenters. In many cases, this lack of productivity was caused by the conference room design. If the conference participants felt that the facilities were not adequate for a seminar or a meeting, it negatively affected the entire discussion in the room. This does not have to be the case.

These five tips below will show you how to bring your conference room design to a new level.

1. Pay especial attention to an integrated and comfortable room setting

First and foremost: regardless of how small your convention hotel is, you should always have a conference room. This is because when business traveller or clients come to the hotel, they will need an official room to hold meetings and to be able to work. To a certain extent, the room is for showcasing, but it shows a lot about how you perceive your role as a convention hotel.

For this reason, your conference room design should exude professionalism. The first thing that passers-by and visitors will notice, of course, is the furnishing.

Cheap or makeshift furniture does not belong in a professional meeting room.

A unified chair ensemble, on the other hand, leaves a good first impression, and hints of order and consistency, an image which builds trust.

The same is true for the table. This is the centre-piece of the meeting room and should comprise an essential part of the conference room furnishings. You can gain extra points with a tailored design rather than a cooker-cutter look. The nicer the table looks, the more your guests will want to spend time at it and work there.

Another plus point for conference room furnishings are ergonomic chairs. They provide comfortable seating, allowing meeting attendees to concentrate and focus better. In turn, this contributes to productivity at meetings and conferences.

Just as important is maximum visibility in conference room technology. All meeting participants should be able to see each other to be able to work well together.

2. Improve your conference room design using natural light

People need light as much as they need food and sleep. It is essential and decisive for life, health and well-being. The same is true for your conference room design.

On the contrary, too little lighting leaves one tired and unfocused, leading to errors and lack of productivity, which nobody likes. Natural light is the solution to this problem.

Optimum lighting conditions have a positive effect on meeting productivity.

Plan natural light or daylight lamps into your conference room layout. They are not only softer and healthier on your eyes, but keep participants awake. The more awake they are, the better they can concentrate, which is essential for productive meetings.

Another necessity is a lighting concept that can adapt to sunlight. Blinds are also an important factor in your conference room design, as they ensure that sunlight does not blind participants or overheat the room.

3. Comfortable temperatures improve productivity

Speaking of overheating, the room temperature is another factor which affects meeting productivity. Too much or too little heat are not exactly conducive to productive work.

Researchers at Berkeley and Helsinki have found that temperatures between 21°C and 22°C are optimal for productivity. Anything above or below eventually impedes concentration and leads to unproductive meetings.

The same applies to the air in the meeting room. Fresh air also keeps the head clear. For these reasons, you should always bear heating and ventilation in mind when planning your conference room design.

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4. Conference room technology must function properly

The more modern, adaptable and intuitive your conference room technology is, the more the room exudes professionalism. It is not the quantity but the quality of the technology that makes a difference.

Good technology goes hand-in-hand with conference room design.

More is better? Not when it comes to conference room design. For in time, stuffing more and more technical devices into your meeting room can lead to more problems, not to mention compatibility issues, dead batteries, and cable clutter. Productive meetings are different.

Instead, the solution is modern, user-friendly and adaptable technology that integrates many systems into one.

In other words: you are on the safe side with all-in-one solutions. Such solutions integrate all necessary devices, like projectors, screens, loudspeakers onto a single device.

Moreover, it allows all meeting participants to only have to connect to a single system, then choose according to their preferences the technology and tools they want to use when. This saves users time and encourages productive and pleasant teamwork – a huge plus point in terms of time savings.

This is because – and here we come full circle – meeting or conference participants do not want to feel like they are wasting their time. They value optimum output from their activities, which depends so much on conference room design.

5. Guarantee excellent connectivity

Aside from avoiding combability problems, you should also ensure that your internet works without a hitch. For this, you should plan Wi-Fi into your conference room design. You can use a signal repeater to provide your meeting attendees with internet access. This is essential for productive meetings.

Conference room layout and technology must be compatible.

However, the best technology is useless if it is not adjusted to the room conditions. Sound and image are only as good as the room acoustics and layout allow them to be.

The technologies used should also be adapted to the room dimensions to avoid distortion of the room acoustics and signal transmission. This is essential for productive meetings.

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How meeting room technology can excite your hotel guests with great meeting experiences

The perfect customer is always happy to come back. Businesses, service providers and retailers, independent of what industry they are in, all want customers to keep coming back to consume their products or services. This is also true for the hotel industry. Especially for convention guests, it is important to create a good meeting room experience. The determining factor here is quality conference technology. Find out more in this blog about what you should know in particular to craft the perfect meeting room experience.

Convention © UfaBizPhoto/shutterstock.com
© UfaBizPhoto/shutterstock.com

It all depends on the internet

Three seconds can be crucial when it comes to internet connection speed. Studies show that approximately 40 percent of users leave a website if the loading time is more than three seconds, something to consider when choosing your meeting room technology. After all, when the hardware and software that you use for your meeting room technology depends on it, your internet connection should be fast and work seamlessly. Your convention guests also expect the internet to work at optimum speeds, allowing them to access all functionalities available on the world wide web to achieve productive results.

Your internet connection should be fast and work seamlessly.

Another topic closely related to the internet is efficiency. Even without the technical benefits of a permanent office, efficiency still allows your convention guests to achieve maximum productivity. And they require your help and the right meeting room technology to do so. Be sure that all your hardware and software enables your guests to quickly and easily access the internet. It will save your guests valuable time and spare them the frustration that often ensues when the technology is not working correctly. This is key for a good meeting room experience.

Get your guests excited about flexible meeting room technology

Easy, fast and flexible are the qualities you want for your meeting room technology. Therefore, ensure that your convention guests can access and use the technology they need without complex installation or download requirements. To this end, use cloud-based technologies. This seldom requires downloading software, nor does it require the user to install any other programs. Instead, cloud solutions are particularly beneficial due to their fast and secure connections, whereby convention guests can quickly and easily connect their devices to the meeting room technology, an essential aspect of a good meeting experience.

Cloud technology is a win-win.

A further advantage associated with cloud meeting room technology is its data storage capability. The cloud enables easy and uncomplicated data storage. All data your convention guests wish to save can be uploaded to the cloud and be accessible later once the guests leave the meeting or the hotel. It goes without saying that cloud data storage is also encrypted, only allowing authorized users to access it. Also, cloud technology is a win-win in terms of compatibility as well, since accessing the data via internet eliminates any such compatibility problems from the start (think flexibility). Here, we have come full circle back to the initial point: fast internet. Therefore, it is crucial to focus as much as possible on a good internet connection in order to achieve an optimum meeting room experience for your guests.

The better the meeting room technology, the better the meeting experience

There is nothing more annoying at a meeting than dealing with out-of-date technology that doesn’t work. In order to provide your convention guests with the best meeting experience possible, you should invest in high-quality technology. This way, you can ensure that everything functions well and that your guests are content and productive. Along these lines, it also advisable to offer technical support. Provide your convention guests with competent technical support if needed, a qualified technician who can assist them if they should have any trouble. It is important to note, however, that the technical support should possess the proper credentials and that they know exactly how to solve your guests’ problems if they should arise, guaranteeing your guests an all-round service.

Not every guest requires the same meeting room technology.

It is well known that not all convention guests are the same and not every group has the same requirements for their meetings. In addition, not every guest requires the same meeting room technology. For this reason, you should include all conference profiles in your setup. From simple presentations, multimedia sessions, brainstorming sessions, to interactive group work, provide a technology that fits every type of activity. Ideally, use meeting room technology that offers an all-in-one solution. This way, your guests will only have to connect to a single platform and are free to choose which technology they want to use when, a huge time-saver that creates great meeting experiences.

And don’t forget…

We have been steadily moving away from paper and pencil for quite some time now. And nowadays, who wants to take loads of cardboard paper, markers, whiteboards and flipcharts with them when travelling to a conference? You can ease the burden on your conference guests by providing them with the right meeting room technology and tools. For example, offer them a single platform that serves as a projector, TV, screen, white board, and speaker in one. This enables your guests to experience a comfortable and digital work session – paperless, free of note pads and pencils.

Overall, it is advisable to build a comprehensive package when choosing your meeting room technology. Look for a seamless internet connection and attract the attention of your guests with high-speed, uncomplicated and flexible state-of the-art meeting room equipment, which allows them to work without issues and to benefit from the optimum meeting room experience. This will surely convert your hotel guests into repeat customers.

The perfect space for business meetings – what business travellers expect in 2019

Nearly a million people were born in 2000 in the United Kingdom and today, they will be in their early 20’s, taking their school leaving certificate exam and starting their careers. They are the so-called Generation Z – and the future of today’s economy. Together with Generation Y, born after 1980, they will set the pace for tomorrow’s market and are therefore driving businesses to rethink strategies. This has an immense impact on areas such as company structures, work models, and even down to the smaller details like working in meeting spaces. The latter will particularly play a decisive and key role in the daily work flows of the future, not only for businesses, but also for hotels that offer seminar and conference rooms. To find out why and how you can already prepare the perfect meeting space for conferences, read more below.

Different expectations, different values

For those who want to make their hotel future-proof, just as with any type of enterprise, one must meet the demands and criteria of their business customers and guests. Today, it is well know that the work world is changing from the ground up, and on the job, value is added by very different factors than for the Baby Boomers and Generation X. While Baby Boomers and GenX use cell phones and apps, their user behaviour completely differs from that of their successors, Generations Y and Z, who live in the internet rather than simply go online. Linear TV and lexica are out of step for Gens Y and Z – video streaming and binge watching or asking Siri or Google are their modus operandi. Now, New Media are not just a part of their daily life, rather, they are their daily life. So what does this generational shift mean for the work locations and meeting spaces of the future?

In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to examine the needs of Generations Y and Z. These generations value a work-life balance. They want to fulfil a purpose on the job. They want to be a part of a well-functioning and harmonious team. And they want to apply their core competencies in the digital arena. In relation to meeting spaces, this means: young business clients expect more than comfortable chairs and a clear view of the speaker or the podium. The key concepts that should influence your meeting space design are interactivity, digitalisation, flexibility, and environmentally-friendly facilities.

The meeting space as smart room

It’s a known fact that digitalisation not only changes how employees use hardware and software, but also affects how they organise meetings. Despite all the options emails, chats, and videoconferencing offer, face-to-face communication remains indispensable in today’s work world. However, to meet the requirements of these new generations, this reality must change drastically, in order to ensure the most effective long-term results as possible. For you as hotel owner, this means you must continue to develop your conference room infrastructure and adjust these spaces to the digital demands of the future market. This is the only way to guarantee the optimum meeting space.

It is not too early to make the meeting space of the future into today’s reality. In doing so, it is recommendable to focus on the key concepts of interactivity, digitalisation, flexibility and environmental-friendliness. Digitalisation is of utmost priority in designing state of-the-art meeting spaces. The perfect conference, seminar or convention space shall be equipped with a comprehensive up-to-the-minute media facility. Interactive monitors, a good Wi-Fi internet connection, and a simple networking of mobile devices (key word, Internet of Things) are all now basic features. Make sure that your meeting space has uninterrupted access to all media, supporting your guests to ensure the most productive work session as possible. In other words: turn your meeting space into a state-of-the-art smart room. Because that is what your business guests want in 2019.

More is more – the multifaceted meeting space of the future

Interactivity is closely tied to digitalisation. Younger Gen Y and Z employees, in particular, value harmonious and effective team work. Therefore, your meeting space should be arranged in such a way as to enable seamless and easy interaction between the attendees of a talk or a presentation. For instance, rows of seats like at university are a no-no for the modern meeting space. Instead, think open space design, and a seating arrangement that allows all participants to see and interreact with one another.

Multifunctionality and flexibility are the magic words of the day for your perfect meeting space. Not only offer seminar participants or talk attendees a large variety of technical tools, but also the chance to network with each other and connect to the world wide web. In addition, add value to your conference room design by transforming your meeting spaces into an oasis of wellbeing, keyword: work-life balance, since the slogan “live to work” no longer resonates with today’s young employees. Instead, this new generation prefers to balance work stress with relaxation. The wellbeing factor of your meeting space is therefore an essential consideration.

Environmentally friendly, accessible, and sustainable meeting spaces

For your conference room to provide an uninterrupted, productive and a comfortable work space, you should focus on visual design, even when that means renovating your locations or even building them again from scratch. Aside from accessibility, environmentally friendly and sustainable facilities will be a priority for your business customers of the future. When choosing your arrangement, design elements and interior space, use building materials that meet stringent environmental and sustainability standards.

To enable your guests to work productively in your meeting space, it makes sense to incorporate optimal lighting into your design concept. Room lighting tastefully adjusted to the time of day is another factor which helps all meeting participants remain focused, guaranteeing not only effective and productive collaboration, but also guest satisfaction. And happy guests are the most important thing for making your hotel future proof.