The perfect customer is always happy to come back. Businesses, service providers and retailers, independent of what industry they are in, all want customers to keep coming back to consume their products or services. This is also true for the hotel industry. Especially for convention guests, it is important to create a good meeting room experience. The determining factor here is quality conference technology. Find out more in this blog about what you should know in particular to craft the perfect meeting room experience.

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It all depends on the internet

Three seconds can be crucial when it comes to internet connection speed. Studies show that approximately 40 percent of users leave a website if the loading time is more than three seconds, something to consider when choosing your meeting room technology. After all, when the hardware and software that you use for your meeting room technology depends on it, your internet connection should be fast and work seamlessly. Your convention guests also expect the internet to work at optimum speeds, allowing them to access all functionalities available on the world wide web to achieve productive results.

Your internet connection should be fast and work seamlessly.

Another topic closely related to the internet is efficiency. Even without the technical benefits of a permanent office, efficiency still allows your convention guests to achieve maximum productivity. And they require your help and the right meeting room technology to do so. Be sure that all your hardware and software enables your guests to quickly and easily access the internet. It will save your guests valuable time and spare them the frustration that often ensues when the technology is not working correctly. This is key for a good meeting room experience.

Get your guests excited about flexible meeting room technology

Easy, fast and flexible are the qualities you want for your meeting room technology. Therefore, ensure that your convention guests can access and use the technology they need without complex installation or download requirements. To this end, use cloud-based technologies. This seldom requires downloading software, nor does it require the user to install any other programs. Instead, cloud solutions are particularly beneficial due to their fast and secure connections, whereby convention guests can quickly and easily connect their devices to the meeting room technology, an essential aspect of a good meeting experience.

Cloud technology is a win-win.

A further advantage associated with cloud meeting room technology is its data storage capability. The cloud enables easy and uncomplicated data storage. All data your convention guests wish to save can be uploaded to the cloud and be accessible later once the guests leave the meeting or the hotel. It goes without saying that cloud data storage is also encrypted, only allowing authorized users to access it. Also, cloud technology is a win-win in terms of compatibility as well, since accessing the data via internet eliminates any such compatibility problems from the start (think flexibility). Here, we have come full circle back to the initial point: fast internet. Therefore, it is crucial to focus as much as possible on a good internet connection in order to achieve an optimum meeting room experience for your guests.

The better the meeting room technology, the better the meeting experience

There is nothing more annoying at a meeting than dealing with out-of-date technology that doesn’t work. In order to provide your convention guests with the best meeting experience possible, you should invest in high-quality technology. This way, you can ensure that everything functions well and that your guests are content and productive. Along these lines, it also advisable to offer technical support. Provide your convention guests with competent technical support if needed, a qualified technician who can assist them if they should have any trouble. It is important to note, however, that the technical support should possess the proper credentials and that they know exactly how to solve your guests’ problems if they should arise, guaranteeing your guests an all-round service.

Not every guest requires the same meeting room technology.

It is well known that not all convention guests are the same and not every group has the same requirements for their meetings. In addition, not every guest requires the same meeting room technology. For this reason, you should include all conference profiles in your setup. From simple presentations, multimedia sessions, brainstorming sessions, to interactive group work, provide a technology that fits every type of activity. Ideally, use meeting room technology that offers an all-in-one solution. This way, your guests will only have to connect to a single platform and are free to choose which technology they want to use when, a huge time-saver that creates great meeting experiences.

And don’t forget…

We have been steadily moving away from paper and pencil for quite some time now. And nowadays, who wants to take loads of cardboard paper, markers, whiteboards and flipcharts with them when travelling to a conference? You can ease the burden on your conference guests by providing them with the right meeting room technology and tools. For example, offer them a single platform that serves as a projector, TV, screen, white board, and speaker in one. This enables your guests to experience a comfortable and digital work session – paperless, free of note pads and pencils.

Overall, it is advisable to build a comprehensive package when choosing your meeting room technology. Look for a seamless internet connection and attract the attention of your guests with high-speed, uncomplicated and flexible state-of the-art meeting room equipment, which allows them to work without issues and to benefit from the optimum meeting room experience. This will surely convert your hotel guests into repeat customers.