Summer, sun and weekends at the sea – but where are the convention goers who stay at your conference hotel? This is the unfortunate reality during the warm months at many conference hotels. However, the summer slump doesn’t have to become a recurring event. Read about the best business practices for keeping the summer slump at bay at your hotel this year in this blog.

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Individuality will leave the right impression

When it comes to winning convention guests for your hotel, guests who have already stayed overnight are your best bet. If they were happy with the service and the conference room amenities, they will very likely book again. For this reason, you should be sure to leave a lasting impression with a unique and personalized attention to your guests.

A lasting impression is the key to future bookings.

You will be certain to automatically gain loyal customers by offering a warm welcome with special touches. Always bear this in mind, along with the following four business tips we have for you.

1. Acquire advanced bookings in good time

Generating advanced bookings should be of utmost priority. Timing is the decisive factor. If you wait until the summer slump has already begun to acquire new guests, it is already too late. Ideally, you will prevent a lull in reservations by starting to strategize on how to attract guests whilst you are still in the peak season. Seek out guests in advance, in the spring at the latest, by drawing their attention to special summer offers. This will help you ensure that your rooms are fully booked well into the summer.

2. Attract guests with special offers

If you want to prevent the summer slump, you will definitely have to use special offers to attract convention guests in the warmer months – and it has to be more than just putting chocolates on the pillow. Instead, apply this business strategy: special seasonal offers. This means thinking about what your guests will really enjoy in the summer months. Because these guests will still be working whilst their friends and colleagues are lazing about on the beach and sunning themselves.

Attract convention guests with special seasonal offers.

For this second business tip, it is necessary to know your target group very well. This is the only way you can provide the best offers. Think about what your business travellers will appreciate the most before, during and after work. This could include a free upgrade to higher-grade accommodations (think work-life-balance and restful sleep), or perhaps a free breakfast, the latter of which can be a great start to a productive day.
Another possibility is a wellness discount. A massage or some downtime in the whirlpool is always a welcome respite for guests after a stressful work day.

Fight the summer slump by expanding your target group

Related to these hotel business tips, you should always be thinking about your target group and broadening it when necessary. For instance, most business travellers take at least a couple of days off during the summer. So why not broaden the target group to prevent the summer slump by attracting other sorts of guests who may make good use of the services at your conference hotel?

Schools and universities are in recess in summer, so sports clubs can be a new target group.

Take, for instance, sports clubs. Amateur as well as professional athletes are always seeking apprenticeships, seminars and training courses as well as the corresponding facilities for these events to take place. Such events often take place in the summer, since schools and universities are in recess at that time. Clubs are often happy to be active outside of their usual training facilities. If your hotel can offer the right service at the right time, you are guaranteed to be following the right business strategy. And especially in the case of training courses emphasising knowledge transfer, high-end conference room technology can score your hotel extra points.

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3. Attract attention with new media

However, even the best business tips are for naught when nobody finds out about your special offers. This is why it is absolutely essential to adjust your marketing strategy. Position your summer offers as a splash page on your website and print flyers to give to your (potential) guests.

This way, your visitors will come away with something in their hand to remind them of their stay. In addition, it can be helpful to communicate to the press and (social) media channels the availability of your conference rooms for booking even in the summer months. This is how you can expand your reach, attracting guests even from outside of the local area.

4. Attract guests with soft skills

What you should certainly be aware concerning all these hotel business tips is the fact that today’s guests are typically more critical, better informed, and more price conscious. The internet houses unlimited rating forums which enable guests to compare hotels and be fully informed about all the offers out there. This can be a challenge for hotel managers, but it mustn’t be! Since the right business strategy enables you to capture even the most critical guests. The secret to success lies in soft skills.

Provide maximum service in order to make your guests feel special and important.

What are soft skills? They are the essential ingredient to executing the right business strategies for your hotel. Basic humanity, authenticity and courteousness are the bare minimum for your guests’ comfort at your hotel. And especially in terms of maintaining occupancy in the summer months, friendly conversation and exclusive treatment are an absolute must. This way, you will give each guest the feeling that they are special, and they will most certainly book again at your hotel.

The important thing is to keep your promises – and this goes for all the hotel business tips we provided here. Only by keeping your promises can you guarantee a long-lasting relationship with your customers.